Jam Night at The Crown Band Info

Jam Night at The Crown Info

Now entering it's 11th year The Crown Jam night, is still going strong, but would still like to encourage, talented, singers, guitarist's, bass players and drummers, and bands to come and show what they can do, so if you would like to come down and show your stuff, a full backline consisting of, 2 guitar amps, bass rig and drum kit, is supplied.
The format is normally, single artists have a single song and bands 2 songs, but depending on how big the list is on a particular evening, we can be flexible to allow people more chances to have a go.
The "House Band " will endeavour to play whatever is presented to them, but you are welcome to bring chord charts, lyrics etc to aid in a good performance.
So if want to come down and show us what you can do, the place to be every Thursday is the The Crown Inn, Roneo Corner Hornchurch.

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