One Wig Band Info

One Wig Info

The music..

Most of the band had a hard rock/metal background with a few exceptions..Ade
always looks like he`s horrified by the next new song....they are getting
heavier, Gra is into anything, Jacks still dealing with his teenage angst and
Dawn will litrally sing anything...I mean anything, you gotta ask her for the
monkey song.

Spewy and Tim would be smashing out Lamb of God and Gojira stuff all night if
you let `em. As it is you will get pummelled by a mix of AC/DC to Alainis
Moresette, Clutch, Nirvana, Metallica, Led Zepplin, Dio, The Hives, Queens of
the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Airbourne, Black Label Society, Electric Six,
Tenacious kinda get it.

Being a six piece band they have a full depth of sound and,  not being a tribute
band, add their own take on how these songs work out, always slightly
harder...and often made up as they go! Check out the feedback, it says it all

One Wig Setlist includes

The Hives
The Black Keys
Alanis Morisette
ZZ Top
The Darkness
The White Stripes
Queens of the Stone Age
Led Zeppelin
Gary Clark Jr
Foo Fighters
Black Label Society
Tenacious D
Electric Six

One Wig Band Members

Dawn - Vocals
Tim -Lead Guitar
Ade -Lead Guitar
Jack -Rhythm Guitar
Spewy -Bass
Gra -Drums

One Wig Bookings

For One Wig Bookings Contact
Andy 07833089148

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