Whos Who Band Info

Whos Who Info

Formed in West London in 1996, Who’s Who, the longest established Who
Tribute Show in the UK, have received incredible reactions across Europe and
beyond for their exciting live performances and set a benchmark for others
to follow. Widely respected and acknowledged by members of (and those close
to) The Who, as the group that most interprets the songs of Pete Townshend
and the legendary live performances of The Who, with honesty and integrity.
Giving nothing less than 100% during a performance, Who’s Who ensure that a
night to remember is guaranteed for those people who are able to to attend.

Fans of the band include:
Simon Townshend (The Who)
Kenney Jones (Small Faces, The Faces, The Who)
Doug Sandom (The Detours)
Peter “Dougal” Butler (Keith Moons’ right hand man)
John Schollar (Beachcombers)
Alison Entwistle
The Moon Family
The Strypes.
Godfrey Townsend (The John Entwistle Band)

The 2006 Who Convention* featured the first ever airing to an audience of
Quadrophenia as a 4 piece since The Who at Stoke in '73, which led Simon
Townshend to declare,

“What an absolutely brilliant band Who’s Who are!”

The Keith Moon Blue Plaque Reception at The Grosvenor Hotel in Mayfair,
London in 2009, saw Zak Starkey watch the entire set, completely transfixed
by the incredible authenticity, tone & technique of bass player Terry Wyatt;
prompting Zak to single him out for the kind of praise that only members of
a rhythm section can truly understand, but coming from someone who played
with the man for all them years, all the more memorable.

Drummer Paul “Moonie” Kemp bears an uncanny resemblance to the late great
Keith Moon and prides himself on complete authenticity when drumming styles
and kit specification is concerned. The kit(s) he plays are completely
identical to the original spec, all the way down to the nuts and bolts that
hold it together and represent a labour of love with regard to sourcing and

He’s very close to the Moon family and is a familiar visitor for the odd cup
of tea at Kit’s house.
A complete “one off” on the live circuit, his explosive application to the
style of Keith Moon, has to be seen to be believed; there is no need to
“close your eyes” with him!

Who's Who celebrated the 40th anniversary of "Live at Leeds" in 2010,
touring extensively and performing the whole of "Tommy" to audiences in the
UK and Europe, amid critical acclaim.

Who's Who - Raw Power, Passion and Soul.

That's what defines the members that make up Who’s Who. Their longevity and
chemistry together as a unit is unchallengable - 13 years in a stable line-
up, the longest ever for any Who type band; and from that comes an
understanding of each other as players; much like The Who themselves. Any
player will tell you that you cannot buy chemistry, and It serves as a
testament to the reputation they have worked extremely hard to cement.

Who's Who plays to its strengths, which is its collective talent as players
and performers. The music will always comes first - there are no wigs or
"stick on" sideburns here.

As history rolls on; they have proved to be an essential ingredient to fans
of The Who and the musical legacy it's left behind.

Whos Who Setlist includes

Hugely authentic tribute to the early days of The
Who including all the early hits from My
Generation, I'm A Boy & Substitute to Who Are You
via the highlights of Tommy & Quadrophenia.

Whos Who Band Members

Gary - Vocals. Pete - Guitar. Terry - Bass. Paul
(Moonie) - Drums.

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