Preacher was formed in 1999, and has gained a fine reputation and
following for their energetic stage-show and musicianship.
They play a varying range of music from Cream to Hendrix, right
up to current music such as The Darkness and Queens of the stone age.
Based around the Essex & Hertfordshire area the band have gained a
strong local following through hard work and sheer determination.
Preacher will always strive to be the best and will
continually change and improve to bring you the goods where
it matters most... on the stage.

Preacher has been booked for witches conventions,
Outdoor Festivals, 'Rock-Fests' and numerous
Bikers gigs over the years,
as well as playing the pubs and clubs of Essex, Herts,
London, and the surrounding area..

So come on... find out where we're playing ...

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